• How can I participate in the competition?

    All registrations will take place through our website, www.speakforindia.com/karnataka and the mobile app. You can download our app for respective edition from the website or from App Store directly. To register log on to: www.speakforindia.com/karnataka. Please pay attention to register before deadlines, There is no fee to take part in the competition. It is totally free.

  • When does registration close?

    Two days prior to each district level competition.

  • Who can participate in the competition?

    The competition is open for all college students who are currently studying in any of the colleges in the state of Karnataka.

  • I’m not a Kannadiga , but I am currently studying in a Karnataka college. Can I participate in the competition?

    Yes, you can. The competition is open to all college going students of Karnataka.

  • What is the topic of the competition?

    The topics will be disclosed only at the time of the competition.

  • Is it is a team or individual competition?

    Speak for Karnataka is an individual debate competition.

  • What is the language medium of the competition?

    The contestants can choose their preferred language between English and Kannada.

  • When and where will the debate competition are held?

    The dates and venue will be officially announced through our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/speakforindiaofficial/?fref=ts ) and website (www.speakforindia.com/karnataka ) and the selected participants will get a notification mail.

  • What are the main levels of the debate competition?

    The competition will be on five levels. Preliminary screening, District level, Zonal level, Semi-final and Finals.

  • What are the mandatory documents I need to bring for the competition?

    All the selected students should carry their valid college id proof, consent letter from the college and mail confirmation they received from mail@speakforindia.com

  • How do I get the rules and regulations?

    You can read the rules and regulations of the competition from the website of Speak for India. The link is given here http://speakforindia.com/karnataka/terms-and-conditions.html .

  • How do I get the updates of the competition?

    Visit our official Facebook page of Speak for India for more updates. The page link is given here https://www.facebook.com/speakforindiaofficial/?fref=ts..The Schedule link would be also posted in the mobile app and the site.

  • How can I clarify my doubts and queries?

    You can write to us on mail@speakforindia.com or visit us on https://www.facebook.com/speakforindiaofficial/?fref=ts.

  • What are the prizes of the competition?

    Prizes include cash and scholarships.

  • Will all registered candidates get a chance to compete?

    No. Only those who have received a confirmation mail from mail@speakforindia.com will get a chance to compete. The selection process is based on the information given by the candidates at the time of registration.

  • How do I understand whether I’m selected or not?

    All selected candidates will get a confirmation mail from mail@speakforindia.com with all relevant details about the competition.

  • Where do I get the mobile app link?

    You can get our mobile app from the website or you can download from App Store directly.

    For Android - Click Here

    For iPhone - Click Here

  • Should I register to use the App?

    Yes, only registered users can use the app.